The families who have shared their stories know that they will not benefit from a new law. Yet, they are campaigning for wrongful death law reform in BC.

Hear them explain why.

Each story features a BC family that was denied access to a trial because their loved one was not a breadwinner.

Family of Theresa Pereira

Family of Theresa Pereira

These families did not get the answers they deserved. No compensation was available for their loss—no support for counselling, time off work, or resources to move on. The injustice of the wrongful death continues to cause suffering.

IN THEIR NAME urges the provincial government to adopt a wrongful death act that truly respects the needs of all British Columbians.

Lindsey’s Story

“Lindsey was my baby. Before her passing, I had already lost my husband and my other daughter. When I lost Lindsey, I lost my whole family.” – Lorie, mother of Lindsey Kean

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Hudson’s Story

“My son, Hudson, was shot and killed by an RCMP officer on July 18, 2015. He was in distress. He was wearing his boxer shorts. He didn’t have a weapon – my son only carried a football, if he carried anything at all. He was shot nine times in front of the South Surrey RCMP detachment, only two blocks from home. It seems like yesterday that it happened, and forever since I’ve seen him.” – Jennifer, mother of Hudson Brooks

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Xavier’s Story

“My heart aches because there may be no justice for what happened to my little boy. The doctors, who refused to perform tests on my son, who lied to me and neglected to tell me things that I should have known about my son’s health, may never see any consequences.” – Shayla, mother of Xavier Mena

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BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society

Laura’s Story

“You know we’re not in it for the money. None of us are. We’re there for change.” — Robert, father of Laura White

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