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In Their Name is the campaign of the BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society. Its goal is to change the law in British Columbia, which currently denies justice to the survivors of children, the elderly and many people with disabilities killed by the careless or intentional acts of another.

No income? No dependants? No value.

About In Their Name

A reformed wrongful death law would improve access to the courts in British Columbia, irrespective of the deceased employment or income. Families who have contributed stories will not benefit from updated legislation. They will, however, gain some comfort in helping families in the future obtain justice.

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BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society

Gary’s Story

“It was one of the worst cases of senior abuse and the RCMP was disgusted how bad my dad was treated. And yet, had this happened in my home, I would have been arrested. But he was in a care facility protected and they get away with it.” — Rita, daughter of Gary Davis

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Family members who suffer the loss of a loved one due to the harmful actions of others deserve a full measure of justice. Share your story. Spread the word. Contact your MLA. Your help is needed to change the law in BC.

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