Thank You To Our Donors

The BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society relies on its 100% volunteer staff and is entirely funded by its members and the public through donations. We receive no financial contributions from any sponsors, or outside organizations. We would like to thank both our financial donors and in-kind donors to the cause.

Individual Donors

Brittany & Stephan Gagne

Dusan Milatovic

Marzieh B.

Lorraine Merrick

Teresa Gares

Robin Hilliard

Richard Leskun

Lynne Larsen

John N.

Corrina Conlan

Vicki Lynne Marston

Steven Lang

Yolanda Jontz

Lorie Kean

Lavinia M Taylor

Derek Ferdis

Beatrice Pereira

Jan Palmer

Brock Pennie

Jamie McEwan

Mattis Bieg

Gwyn Pritchett

Michael-James Pennie

Catherine Adamson

Don Renaud

Faith Hayman

Robert White


In-Kind Donors

Nicole Lau Freelance Illustrator

Catherine Adamson Art Studio

Renaud Law

Hayman Law

Online Marketing Systems Inc.

VanReel Films Inc.

Anarcho Films

Jamie McEwan

Sail Digital Inc

Google Inc. 

If you care about the future of victim rights for vulnerable members of our society, please kindly consider donating. It would help us so much. Donate here »



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Please help spread the word.