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For people thrust into dealing with a wrongful death in British Columbia, it becomes even more painful when they seek legal advice. They discover that BC’s Family Compensation Act discriminates against children, the elderly and many people with disabilities when killed by the recklessness and harm of another.

Legal Information

Wrongful Death Law in BC: What the Law is and What the Law Needs to Be (paper presented to Continuing Legal Education BC)

WRONGFUL DEATH ACCOUNTABILITY ACT (legislation proposed by the BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society)

Wrongful Death Accountability Act explanatory file (a guide to the legislation proposed by the BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society)


Beware The Grieving Warrior – by Larry Hicock

Closing Arguments: Child Injury, Child Wrongful Death – edited by Don C. Keenan

Death By Prescription – by Terence H. Young

Death By Wrongful Act – by Francis B. Tiffany

Heidi Dawn Klompas: Missed Opportunities – by Catherine Adamson

Bereavement & Support

British Columbia Bereavement Helpline

Compassionate Friends of Canada (chapters throughout British Columbia)

Lower Mainland Grief Recovery Society (Vancouver)

Victoria Hospice Bereavement Services

(This section is in progress.)

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