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Resources for the legal community to learn more about BC’s wrongful death laws.

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Legal Community Presentation (April 2023)


Relevant Links

Legal Community Presentation
PDF download of the Legal Community Presentation slideshow.

Wrongful Death Accountability Act (WDAA)
Proposed legislation to replace the current Family Compensation Act.

Family Stories
The stories of families who have lost a loved one to a wrongful death.

MLA Report Cards
Keeping B.C. MLAs accountable for their actions / inactions on the issue of wrongful death.

Mothers for Justice Memorial Walk (2023)
Announcement video for the 2nd Annual Mothers for Justice Memorial Walk in May 2023.

Society Media Coverage History
Media appearances and coverage relating to wrongful death and No-Fault

Government Correspondence History Page
Correspondence between the BCWDLRS and the Premier & Attorney General’s office, the ministry responsible for the current Family Compensation Act.

Civil Jury Trials
PDF download of the Civil Jury Trials document.

Contact the BC Wrongful Death Law Society
Contact us if you have questions or require further information.

BCWDLRS Ongoing Initiatives

– Working with 60+ families to support, educate, advocate, and publish their stories.

– Advising AG office & MLAs on what the families have asked for through the proposed WDAA.

– Keeping 87 MLAs accountable through our MLA Report Card system

– Undertaking the Annual Mothers for Justice Memorial Walk to David Eby’s office on Saturday May 13, 2023.

– 25+ recent media appearances and coverage relating to wrongful death and No-Fault.

– Expanding our coalition of nonprofits who have endorsed modernization (which includes the UBCM, City of Vancouver, etc.)

How We Can Help Each Other

Refer the surviving families of the wrongfully killed to our Society.

– Let people know about the Annual Mothers for Justice Memorial Walk event.

Refer media inquiries to our Society to ensure a consistent narrative that does not undermine the 5 key tenets of the WDAA.

– If anyone has access to their MLA, or the AG, please consider endorsing what we have outlined in the WDAA.

– Fundraising – ideas for fundraising activities to help support our work are most welcome!

Civil Jury Trials (PDF)

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