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Very few British Columbians know that children, the elderly and many disabled people are considered “worthless” if killed by someone else’s wrongdoing in BC. Change begins with public awareness.

The law in British Columbia will not change without your help. The fact that the law in our province unfairly discriminates against non-breadwinners is not well known. Those who are aware most often became so through tragedy, having come face-to-face with this injustice after the wrongful death of a loved one.

Our campaign depends on the voices of British Columbians.

Contact Your MLA

Your MLA may not know that families in their riding cannot claim compensation following the wrongful death of a dependent—such as access to counselling or time needed off work.

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In Their Name is fighting for wrongful death law reform in BC. The campaign is dedicated to the memory of individuals who were killed by the recklessness of others and whose lives had “no value” under the current BC Family Compensation Act.

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BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society


Did you lose a dependent family member to wrongful death in British Columbia? Join our campaign to reform BC’s unfair and outdated Family Compensation Act today.

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