The fight for a fair wrongful death law has generated considerable media attention in British Columbia. All major news sources, including CBC, CTV, Global, CKNW, the Vancouver Sun, and the Province have reported on the campaign, as well as local media throughout the province.

This news archive provides a history of the campaign. It demonstrates the need for a wrongful death law in BC that is just and equal—that is accessible to all British Columbians.

Whistleblower says she was ostracized after raising concerns about ‘widespread failures’

The article below describes how a Vancouver Island Health Authority employee Veronica McCaffrey, who has practised law for 36 years, discovered widespread failures in the medical system. Under Law Society of BC Professional Code of Conduct Guidelines, specifically section 3.2-8, she was professionally obliged to bring this misconduct to the attention of executive leadership. She was then ignored, and thereafter strategically and maliciously undermined by her peers, including Vancouver Island Health Authority CEO Kathy MacNeil.

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Faulty party bus door passed inspection twice before tragic death, coroner finds

The article involves a young woman who had an income, but did not have dependants, and sadly had no worth under BC’s inadequate wrongful death laws. Our laws only value people based on their future lost income if they also had dependents. Unlike all the other Canadian provinces and the Yukon, there are currently no bereavement damages available for families under BC law.

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