Global News: Grieving B.C. parents’ baby was ready to go home from morgue for 8 weeks. But no one told them

Emilie Negahban’s son Nathaniel was alive for only eight hours before he died in his mother’s arms this past February.

But the first-time mother and her husband have been re-traumatized after learning their son’s body has been ready to be brought back home for eight weeks — and no one told them.

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Global News: What’s a life worth? Death of B.C. toddler in horrific crash raises questions about compensation

Under new ICBC rules, each parent is entitled to $14,918 for the death of a child. Rules also state they will not be able to sue for more compensation.

“Heartbreaking,” Michael said. “It hurts that somebody can define her as having a number and that number ends up being roughly six times less than the value they would put in for a car.”

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