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LMLGA Kit – Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws

The Lower Mainland Local Government Association is having their Annual General Meeting on May 12, 2021. In their Annual Report & Resolutions Package, motion R4 Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws (page 34), which was initiated by the Vancouver City Council, is a up for endorsement to move onward to the UBCM Annual Conference. While local […]

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Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry Puts UBCM Motion Forward to Modernize BC Wrongful Death Laws

Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry has put forth a motion for the Union of BC Municipalities to recommend to the province that our wrongful death laws be modernized so as to provide a foundation of “worth” under the law for everyone in the province of BC. A foundation of “worth” or “value” of human life would allow for access to justice, accountability to wrongdoers, and for us to prevent future wrongful deaths in the first place through financial deterrence.

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