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Happy Canada Day (Sorry to Rest of Canada and World About Our Terrible Wrongful Death Laws in BC)

On Canada Day, we would like to congratulate all of the other provinces and the Yukon Territory for already modernizing their wrongful death laws, in many cases long ago.

On behalf of British Columbians, we would like to apologize to the rest of Canada for our most westerly province still being stuck in the colonial era with our 174-year old wrongful death laws, whereby it’s still FREE to kill children, seniors, and the disabled.

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National Post: Grey Matters: Wrongful deaths equal little compensation for seniors

What’s your life worth?

If you were to die because a texting driver ran you down or a surgeon left a scalpel behind after an operation, what compensation would the courts award your loved ones?

If you’re over 65, it’s very little. If you live in B.C., it’s probably nothing at all. Before any payment for a wrongful death, the surviving spouse, adult children or estate has to prove the death was due to negligence and that damages resulted. Proving negligence is extremely costly — and showing damages can be impossible.

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