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Press Release: David Eby Ignores The Families of the Wrongfully Killed

The 2nd Annual Mothers for Justice Memorial Walk was held on Saturday, May 13th at 1PM, led by bagpiper Rich Nichol to Premier Eby’s constituency office.

Despite our efforts and pressure on Premier David Eby, his office completely ignored the families. All the photos of our wrongfully killed loved ones that we posted on his office were immediately ripped down by his office staff. He didn’t acknowledge the issue, or even our existence.

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Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa.

Supreme Court of Canada upholds punitive and exemplary damages at $1M mark

The Supreme Court of Canada set the punitive damages criteria/limit in Canada in the precedent-setting case of Whiten v. Pilot Insurance Co.

The initial case was heard in the Ontario Supreme Court, and Whiten was awarded one million dollars in punitive damages. Pilot Insurance appealed the case to the Ontario Court of Appeal, in which the punitive damages award was reduced to $100,000. Whiten then appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, in which the SCC restored the initial one million dollars in punitive damages awarded.

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Hamyaari Media: The prospect for reform in the Wrongful Death Law in BC after over a century: Fears and hopes

Canada’s legal system is based on the English and French systems. Explorers and colonists brought these systems to Canada in the 17th and 18th centuries. Although many of these laws have evolved with time, in some cases, there has been little or no change.

One of these laws in the province of British Columbia is the “Wrongful Death Law”. Don Renaud, a lawyer and one of the founders of the non-profit association, “BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society”, explained the history of this law in the British Empire, to Hamyaari Media.

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