Wrongful Death in the Media

The prospect for reform in the Wrongful Death Law in BC after over a century: Fears and hopes

Canada’s legal system is based on the English and French systems. Explorers and colonists brought these systems to Canada in the 17th and 18th centuries. Although many of these laws have evolved with time, in some cases, there has been little or no change.

One of these laws in the province of British Columbia is the “Wrongful Death Law”. Don Renaud, a lawyer and one of the founders of the Non-profit association, “BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society”, explained the history of this law in the British Empire, to Hamyaari Media:

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‘Let my sister rest in peace’: New information follows allegations of ‘cover-up’ in B.C. woman’s electrocution

As seen on CTV News by Michele Brunoro on October 29, 2021. New information has come to light in the electrocution death of a Kent, B.C., woman and her two dogs six years ago, and it’s raising more questions from the victim’s family about what happened. The new details are emerging as the District of […]

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