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Happy Canada Day (Sorry to Rest of Canada and World About Our Terrible Wrongful Death Laws in BC)

On Canada Day, we would like to congratulate all of the other provinces and the Yukon Territory for already modernizing their wrongful death laws, in many cases long ago.

On behalf of British Columbians, we would like to apologize to the rest of Canada for our most westerly province still being stuck in the colonial era with our 174-year old wrongful death laws, whereby it’s still FREE to kill children, seniors, and the disabled.

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No Matter Where You Fall in the Political Spectrum… We’re All in This Together

On rare occasion we get comments on our videos and posts – people trying to figure out “who In Their Name is” so they can categorize our organization somewhere on the political spectrum and ONLY then decide based on their entrenched political identity if they agree, or disagree with the cause.

Facts are facts, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on. We’re all in this together.

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No-Fault May be the Most Discriminatory Piece of Legislation Ever Proposed in BC… And it’s Back Again!

British Columbians have amnesia. We fought and beat the the most discriminatory piece of proposed legislation against victim rights in BC history, the No-Fault ICBC Motor Vehicle Insurance Legislation, 23 years ago.

Now it’s back, disguised under the Orwellian “doublespeak” name: “Enhanced Care Coverage”.

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National Day of Remembrance of Road Crash Victims

Join us on Wednesday November 20, 2019 to help commemorate the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims.

RoadPeace, the instigators of this day of remembrance, had a lofty goal: “A day of respect by and towards all road users; a day on which exceptional care is taken by motorists; a day of courtesy at the wheel and a day when all road laws are respected so that a world day without any crashes resulting in injury or death will become a reality.”

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