Contact your local city council members and ask them to support resolution NR12 Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws at the UBCM 2021 Convention.

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The Union of BC Municipalities is holding their 2021 Convention from Monday, September 13 to Friday, September 17, 2021.

The Vancouver City Council is presenting resolution NR12: Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws, which was approved at the Lower Mainland Local Government Association annual meeting this past May.

The municipality of Fruitvale, BC also simultaneously put forth this same motion and endorsed it to be heard at the UBCM.

We have a true opportunity at this juncture to bring forth the best wrongful death legislation in Canada that can set a modern international standard for legislated protections, dignity, and access to justice under the law.

Our Society wrote a letter to each of the City Councillors from all the Cities and Municipalities in the Lower Mainland, and many of our Member Families, Member Advocates, and the Public at large also wrote their own personalized letters to their local City Councillors, for the LMLGA meeting.

Now, it is time for the province-wide campaign, to support and endorse resolution NR12 – Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws and express how it is personally important to you and your family.

Using the following link, look up your city, click the result, and view the list of City Councillor members you may email:


Please fill out the subject line, write the body of the letter/email describing why this issue personally matters to you, include “NR12 – Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws” in your letter, and sign the letter with your full name, telephone, and address located within the respective city/municipality. This allows the City Councillors to verify that you are in fact a constituent in order to ensure they address your letter.

If you have any questions, please contact our Society here. Thank you for your support!

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