Contact your local city council members and ask them to support motion R4 Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws at the LMLGA 2021 Annual General Meeting.

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The Lower Mainland Local Government Association is having their Annual General Meeting on May 12, 2021.

In their Annual Report & Resolutions Package, motion R4 Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws (page 34), which was initiated by the Vancouver City Council, is a up for endorsement to move onward to the UBCM Annual Conference.

While local government does not have the ability to amend, or pass provincial legislation, the endorsement, support and recommendation to provincial government can send a clear message from the local level that this critical human rights work needs to get done.

We have a true opportunity at this juncture to bring forth the best wrongful death legislation in Canada that can set a modern international standard for legislated protections, dignity, and access to justice under the law.

Our Society has written a letter to each of the City Councillors from all the Cities and Municipalities in the Lower Mainland.

We need our Member Families, Member Advocates, and the Public at large to write their own personalized letters to your local City Councillors.

We need you to express in your own words why supporting and endorsing motion R4 – Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws is personally important to you and your family.

If you do not reside in the Lower Mainland, not to worry, if and when this is passed and moves on to the UBCM, we will be undertaking a province-wide campaign for BC residents to contact their local city and municipal councils at that time. So those outside of the Lower Mainland can sit tight for now.

The below table includes a tool to automatically open an email addressed to your local city councillors.

Please fill out the subject line, write the body of the letter/email, include “R4 – Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Laws” in your letter, and sign the letter with your full name, telephone, and address located within the respective city/municipality. This allows the City Councillors to verify that you are in fact a constituent in order to ensure they address your letter.

If you have any questions, please contact our Society here. Thank you for your support!

(click on map to open full resolution if you need to verify your city/municipality)

MunicipalityCity CouncillorsCity Councillor EmailsClick to Email
West VancouverMary-Ann Booth (Mayor)mbooth@westvancouver.caEmail All City Council Members in West Vancouver
Craig Cameron ccameron@westvancouver.ca
Peter Lamburplambur@westvancouver.ca
Bill Soprovichbsoprovich@westvancouver.ca
Sharon Thompsonsthompson@westvancouver.ca
Marcus Wongmwong@westvancouver.ca
Nora Gambiolingambioli@westvancouver.ca
Lions BayRon McLaughlin (Mayor)mayor.mclaughlin@lionsbay.caEmail All City Council Members in Lions Bay
Neville Abbottcouncillor.abbott@lionsbay.ca
Fred Baincouncillor.bain@lionsbay.ca
Norm Barmeiercouncillor.barmeier@lionsbay.ca
Jaime Cunliffecouncillor.cunliffe@lionsbay.ca
City of VancouverKennedy Stewart (Mayor)Kennedy.Stewart@vancouver.caCity of Vancouver brought forth the motion and does not need to be emailed.
Rebecca BlighCLRbligh@vancouver.ca
Christine BoyleCLRboyle@vancouver.ca
Adriane CarrCLRcarr@vancouver.ca
Melissa De GenovaCLRdegenova@vancouver.ca
Lisa DominatoCLRdominato@vancouver.ca
Pete FryCLRfry@vancouver.ca
Colleen HardwickCLRhardwick@vancouver.ca
Sarah Kirby-YungCLRkirby-yung@vancouver.ca
Jean SwansonCLRswanson@vancouver.ca
Michael WiebeCLRwiebe@vancouver.ca
North Vancouver CityLinda Buchanan (Mayor)mayor@cnv.orgEmail All City Council Members in North Vancouver City
Tony Valentetvalente@cnv.org
Jessica Mcllroyjmcilroy@cnv.org
Holly Backhback@cnv.org
Don Belldbell@cnv.org
Angela Girardagirard@cnv.org
Tina Huthu@cnv.org
North Vancouver DistrictMike Little (Mayor)mayor@dnv.orgEmail All City Council Members in North Vancouver District
Megan Currencurrenm@dnv.org
Lisa Murimuril@dnv.org
Jordan Backbackj@dnv.org
Mathew Bondbondm@dnv.org
Betty Forbesforbesb@dnv.org
Jim Hansonhansonj@dnv.org
Port MoodyRob Vagmarov (Mayor)RVagramov@portmoody.caEmail All City Council Members in Port Moody
Amy Lubikalubik@portmoody.ca
Diana Dilworthddilworth@portmoody.ca
Meghan Lahtimlahti@portmoody.ca
Hunter Madsenhmadsen@portmoody.ca
Steve Milanismilani@portmoody.ca
Zoe Royerzroyer@portmoody.ca
Port CoquitlamBrad West (Mayor)westb@portcoquitlam.caEmail All City Council Members in Port Coquitlam
Laura Dupontdupontl@portcoquitlam.ca
Glenn Pollockpollockg@portcoquitlam.ca
Steve Darlingdarlings@portcoquitlam.ca
Nancy McCurrachmccurrachn@portcoquitlam.ca
Darrell Pennerpennerd@portcoquitlam.ca
Dean Washingtonwashingtond@portcoquitlam.ca
CoquitlamRichard Stewart (Mayor)rstewart@coquitlam.caEmail All City Council Members in Coquitlam
Craig Hodgechodge@coquitlam.ca
Trish Mandewotmandewo@coquitlam.ca
Brent Asmundsonbasmundson@coquitlam.ca
Steve Kimskim@coquitlam.ca
Dennis Marsdendmarsden@coquitlam.ca
Teri Townerttowner@coquitlam.ca
Chris Wilsoncwilson@coquitlam.ca
Bonita Zarrillobzarrillo@coquitlam.ca
AnmoreJohn McEwan (Mayor)john.mcewen@anmore.comEmail All City Council Members in Anmore
Polly Krierpolly.krier@anmore.com
Kim Trowbridgekim.trowbridge@anmore.com
Paul Weverinkpaul.weverink@anmore.com
Tim Laidlertim.laidler@anmore.com
BelcarraJamie Ross (Mayor)jross@belcarra.caEmail All City Council Members in Belcarra
Carolina Clarkcclark@belcarra.ca
Bruce Drakebdrake@belcarra.ca
John Snelljsnell@belcarra.ca
Liisa Wilderlwilder@belcarra.ca
Pitt MeadowsBill Dingwall (Mayor)bdingwall@pittmeadows.caEmail All City Council Members in Pitt Meadows
Mike Hayesmhayes@pittmeadows.ca
Nicole MacDonaldNMacDonald@pittmeadows.ca
Bob MeachenBMeachen@pittmeadows.ca
Tracy Miyashitatmiyashita@pittmeadows.ca
Gwen O'Connellgoconnell@pittmeadows.ca
Anena SimpsonAsimpson@pittmeadows.ca
Maple RidgeMike Morden (Mayor)mmorden@mapleridge.caEmail All City Council Members in Maple Ridge
Judy Dueckjdueck@mapleridge.ca
Kiersten Duncankduncan@mapleridge.ca
Chelsa Meaduscmeadus@mapleridge.ca
Gordy Robsongrobson@mapleridge.ca
Ryan Svendsenrsvendsen@mapleridge.ca
Ahmed Yousefayousef@mapleridge.ca
New WestminsterJonathan Coté (Mayor)jcote@newwestcity.caEmail All City Council Members in New Westminster
Patrick Johnstonepjohnstone@newwestcity.ca
Jamie McEvoyjmcevoy@newwestcity.ca
Nadine Nakagawannakagawa@newwestcity.ca
Chinu Dascdas@newwestcity.ca
Chuck Puchmayrcpuchmayr@newwestcity.ca
Mary Trentaduemtrentadue@newwestcity.ca
BurnabyMike Hurley (Mayor)mayor@burnaby.caEmail All City Council Members in Burnaby
Sav Daliwhalsav.dhaliwal@burnaby.ca
Pietro Callendino pietro.calendino@burnaby.ca
Joe Keithleyjoe.keithley@burnaby.ca
Dan Johnstondan.johnston@burnaby.ca
Colleen Jordancolleen.jordan@burnaby.ca
James Wangjames.wang@burnaby.ca
RichmondMalcolm Brodie (Mayor)Malcolm.Brodie@richmond.caEmail All City Council Members in Richmond
Harold Steves Harold.Steves@richmond.ca
Alexa LooAlexa.Loo@richmond.ca
Chak Kwong AuChak.Au@richmond.ca
Bill McNultyBill.McNulty@richmond.ca
Linda McPhailLinda.McPhail@richmond.ca
Carol DayCarol.Day@richmond.ca
Michael WolfeMichael.Wolfe@richmond.ca
DeltaGeorge V. Harvie (Mayor)mayorharvie@delta.caEmail All City Council Members in Delta
Lois JacksonLjackson@delta.ca
Alicia Guichonaguichon@delta.ca
Jeannie Kanakosjkanakos@delta.ca
Dylan Krugerdkruger@delta.ca
Bruce McDonaldbmcdonald@delta.ca
Dan Copelanddcopeland@delta.ca
SurreyDoug McCallum (Mayor)mayor@surrey.caEmail All City Council Members in Surrey
Doug Elford doug.elford@surrey.ca
Allison Patton allison.patton@surrey.ca
Laurie Guerralaurie.guerra@surrey.ca
Steve Pettigrewsteven.pettigrew@surrey.ca
Jack HundialJack.Hundial@surrey.ca
Brena LockeBrenda.Locke@surrey.ca
Mandeep Nagramandeep.nagra@surrey.ca
Linda Annislinda.annis@surrey.ca
White RockDarryl Walker (Mayor)dwalker@whiterockcity.caEmail All City Council Members in White Rock
Helen Fathershfathers@whiterockcity.ca
David Chesneydchesney@whiterockcity.ca
Erika Johansonejohanson@whiterockcity.ca
Scott Kristjansonskristjanson@whiterockcity.ca
Anthony Manningamanning@whiterockcity.ca
Christopher Trevelyanctrevelyan@whiterockcity.ca
Langley CityVal van den Broek (Mayor)vvandenbroek@langleycity.caEmail All City Council Members in Langley City
Paul Albrechtpalbrecht@langleycity.ca
Teri Jamestjames@langleycity.ca
Gayle Martingmartin@langleycity.ca
Nathan Pachalnpachal@langleycity.ca
Rudy Storteboomrstorteboom@langleycity.ca
Rosemary Wallacerwallace@langleycity.ca
Langley TownshipJack Froese (Mayor)jfroese@tol.caEmail All City Council Members in Langley Township
Bob Longblong@tol.ca
Kim Richterkrichter@tol.ca
Petrina Arnasonparnason@tol.ca
David Davisddavis@tol.ca
Steve Fergusonsferguson@tol.ca
Margaret Kunstmkunst@tol.ca
Blair Whitmarshbwhitmarsh@tol.ca
Eric Woodwardewoodward@tol.ca
MissionJag Gill (Mayor)jgill@mission.caEmail All City Council Members in Mission
Ken Herarkherar@mission.ca
Danny Plecasdplecas@mission.ca
Carol Hamiltonchamilton@mission.ca
Mark Daviesmdavies@mission.ca
Cal Crawfordccrawford@mission.ca
AbbotsfordHenry Braun (Mayor)mayorbraun@abbotsford.caEmail All City Council Members in Abbotsford
Brenda Falkbfalk@abbotsford.ca
Dave Loewendfloewen@abbotsford.ca
Kelly Chahalkchahal@abbotsford.ca
Les Barkmanlbarkman@abbotsford.ca
Patricia Rosspross@abbotsford.ca
Ross Siemensrsiemens@abbotsford.ca
Sandy Bluesblue@abbotsford.ca
HopePeter Robb (Mayor)probb@hope.caEmail All City Council Members in Hope
Victor Smithvsmith@hope.ca
Bob Ericksonberickson@hope.ca
Craig Traunctraun@hope.ca
Scott Medlocksmedlock@hope.ca
Dusty Smithdsmith@hope.ca
Heather Stewinhstewin@hope.ca
Harrison HotspringsLeo Facio (Mayor)lfacio@harrisonhotsprings.caEmail All City Council Members in Harrison Hot Springs
Ray Hooperrhooper@harrisonhotsprings.ca
Gerry Palmergpalmer@harrisonhotsprings.ca
Samantha Piperspiper@harrisonhotsprings.ca
Michie Vidalmvidal@harrisonhotsprings.ca
Bowen IslandGary Ander (Mayor)gander@bimbc.caEmail All City Council Members in Bowen Island
Sue Ellen Fastsefast@bimbc.ca
David Hockingdhocking@bimbc.ca
Michael Kailemkaile@bimbc.ca
Alison Morseamorse@bimbc.ca
Maureen Nicholsonmnicholson@bimbc.ca
Rob Wynenrwynen@bimbc.ca
ChilliwackKen Popove (Mayor)mayor@chilliwack.comEmail All City Council Members in Chilliwack
Jason Lumlum@chilliwack.com
Bud Mercermercer@chilliwack.com
Chris Klootkloot@chilliwack.com
Harv Westeringhwesteringh@chilliwack.com
Jeff Shieldsshields@chilliwack.com
Sue Knottknott@chilliwack.com
KentSylvia Pranger (Mayor)spranger@kentbc.caEmail All City Council Members in Kent
Duane Postdpost@kentbc.ca
Kerstin Schwichtenbergkschwichtenberg@kentbc.ca
Susan Spaetisspaeti@kentbc.ca
Stan Watchornswatchorn@kentbc.ca
SquamishKaren Elliot (Mayor)kelliott@squamish.caEmail All City Council Members in Squamish
Jenna Stonerjstoner@squamish.ca
Chris Pettingillcpettingill@squamish.ca
Eric Anderseneandersen@squamish.ca
John Frenchjfrench@squamish.ca
Armand Hurfordahurford@squamish.ca
Doug Racedrace@squamish.ca
PembertonMike Richman (Mayor)mrichman@pemberton.caEmail All City Council Members in Pemberton
Amica Antonelliaantonelli@pemberton.ca
Ted Craddocktcraddock@pemberton.ca
Leah Noblelnoble@pemberton.ca
Ryan Zantrzant@pemberton.ca
WhistlerJack Crompton (Mayor)jcrompton@whistler.caEmail All City Council Members in Whistler
Jen Fordjford@whistler.ca
Arthur De Jongadejong@whistler.ca
Ralph Forsythrforsyth@whistler.ca
John Grillsjgrills@whistler.ca
Duane Jacksondjackson@whistler.ca
Cathy Jewettcjewett@whistler.ca