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This issue of Wrongful Death has the ability to touch the lives of everyone in the province, no matter who they might be, although certain demographics of vulnerable groups such as children, seniors, and the disabled are particularly vulnerable. We are passionately expanding our reach of educating British Columbians on the issue of Wrongful Death Law Reform. We are actively seeking to partner with organizations to form a coalition of support for modernizing BC’s wrongful death legislation. If your organization would like to become a coalition member, please contact us.

The coalition members listed below have pledged their support of the BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society’s calls for legislative reform.

Parent Support Services Society (PSS) of BC (est.1974) is a provincial charitable organization. Our mandate is to end child abuse. Our Mission is “to protect the safety and well-being of children and promote the health of all families by partnering with those in a parenting role and their communities to build support, advocacy, education, research, and resources.” Our core program is peer-to-peer, self help Parenting Support Circles. These Support Circles are run by well trained volunteer facilitators and operate in multiple languages, and in diverse communities across BC. We also operate a Support Line for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and other kinship caregivers. The Line offers navigational support, and is run by two highly trained advocates (a lawyer and a Master of Social Work).   


One Crash is Too Many is dedicated to improving road safety in British Columbia. Car crashes are not inevitable and they are not “accidents.” The leading cause of car crashes is driver inattentiveness. We need to adjust our tolerance and realize that even one crash is too many. One Crash is Too Many strives to promote attentive driving habits that do not have to be inspired out of personal tragedy. They are improving driving attitudes by: organizing awareness events; promoting car crash statistics; uniting the community to brainstorm ways to improve driving attitudes; and involving the government to support their cause.


Trial Lawyers Association of BC is a service organization for trial lawyers in British Columbia. Membership is voluntary and currently stands at over 1500 members. TLABC works to make sure people have a fair chance to receive justice through the legal system when they are injured by the negligence or misconduct of others – even when taking on the most powerful interests. They are committed to strengthening the civil and criminal justice systems so that deserving individuals can get justice and wrongdoers are held accountable and oppose efforts to weaken basic legal protections that further stack the deck against British Columbians. All British Columbians benefit when our individual lawyers represent clients that have a fair chance to get justice through our civil and criminal justice systems.


Please help spread the word.

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Please help spread the word.