Conspiracy Theories, Misconceptions, and Myths – DEBUNKED and SHATTERED by Facts, Evidence, and Logic!

So we recently posted about the strong public outcry for when British Columbians learned about our woefully inadequate wrongful death legislation. You can read about that here.

This post is about some hostile criticism we’ve received from a handful of voices, out of hundreds of voices of support that our Society has experienced. We have provided these criticisms on this public forum to pull the rug back and shine a light on how baseless and ignorant these allegations truly are. Read on!

“Sounds like a wealth redistribution scheme”

– Yes, exactly, let’s redistribute wealth in a court of law from the negligent party who caused a wrongful death in the first place, to the family who has endured grief, injustice, and immeasurable economic hardship as a result.


“Sounds like a make money project for the Law Society of BC”

– Nope, we’re just a bunch of families fighting to change the law so other families won’t have to endure the burning sense of injustice that we have.


“Money doesn’t grow on trees, we pay taxes, and we shouldn’t sue ourselves”

– That’s not how the system actually works. Let’s actually take care of British Columbians at home, like they do in other first world jurisdictions, before we sprinkle money around the developing world to virtue signal about how great we are.


“Another cause backed by lawyers so they can make money”

– We’re actually founded and operated by families who’ve lost a loved one to wrongful death. Yes we want to give lawyer’s the legislation to pursue justice in the name of our wrongfully killed loved one. We don’t expect Lawyer’s to go to university for 8 years, incur 6 figures in student debt, eat dirt as an articling student, only to one day build a law practice, and then work for free, pay all their staff and overhead, and endure great economic risk in hopes that they obtain a verdict in trial.


“Sure, let’s become just as litigious as the US to ensure lawyers make even more millions than they already do!! NOT”

– So people need to die by wrongful act, families need to suffer this injustice, grief and economic hardship, then more people need to die the same way, since the wrong was never corrected, only to ensure that lawyers shouldn’t make money?



And for everyone interested in the truth about the myth of frivolous lawsuits in the US, here is the video:


And if anyone is interested in the documentary ‘Hot Coffee’ here is a link to the trailer:



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